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What is the Accountable Care Alliance?

The Accountable Care Alliance is one of the first accountable care organizations in the country. Its primary goals are to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care while reducing costs to the patient. Accountable care is also about partnerships between and among primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals and patients.

Why create an ACA?

Reformation of the American health care system requires improvements to the way care is delivered. The Accountable Care System is a new, highly promising option that is capable of addressing what many agree are today's most pressing needs.

How will the patients benefit?

The Accountable Care alliance builds upon a long-standing, mutually respectful relationship between the physicians of The Nebraska Medical Center and Methodist Health System. The ACA network will make it possible for The Nebraska Medical Center and Methodist Health System providers, collectively, to improve communications, reduce duplication of tests and procedures and work together to improve the care experience of our patients.

Who will operate the ACA?

The Accountable Care Alliance will be governed by a board with members from the Nebraska Medical Center and Methodist Health System along with selected physician members.

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About the Partnership

A partnership between Methodist Health System, The Nebraska Medical Center and their affiliated physicians.

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